Youth Nutrition

A healthy lifestyle should start early.

TNT Youth

TNT Youth benefits ages 12-18 and helps create confidence and builds self esteem. Our programs are designed to assist in creating healthy eating habits and lifestyles so that unhealthy patterns never start.

Through this program you will:

Understand the essential nutrients your body needs, when and what to eat, how much your child needs to eat, and why this is important. We can also help with nutrition guidelines for active kids and teens.

Learn the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Learn nutrition principles in an easy-to-understand lesson plan that encourages youth to take charge of their nutrition and understand why good nutrition is important.

Learn how to make good choices when eating out in places such as the cafeteria, restaurants, and friends’ houses.Be able to read food-labels and determine what is and is not a healthy choice

Have check-ins to stay accountable. Available in-person, by phone or online.

Encourage activity in those not involved in a sport.



Customized Nutritional Coaching with Licensed Registered Dietitians

Initial Health Assessment and Evaluation

One On One Coaching Sessions to Ensure Consistency and Success

Food Prep and Pantry Makeovers

Goal Setting, Accountability and Motivational Support

Fundamental Tools for Healthier Eating, Cooking, and Physical Activity

Skill Building Workshops, and Grocery Store Tours


Get Started On Your Journey!

In addition to our TeleHealth appointment option, we are now open to safely see clients in-person at all of our locations.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield covers Total Nutrition Technology services as a preventative healthcare service under the Healthcare Reform Act. In many cases, this can mean no co-pay, nor does a deductible need to be met. We are happy to do a complimentary eligibility check to see which services you qualify for. When calling to confirm your benefits, reference the CPT codes (97802, 97803) and the Diagnosis code (Z71.3) under the Healthcare Reform Act to find out what your specific plan may cover!