First and foremost, what is BHRT? BHRT stands for Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. To be put simply, Hormone Replacement Therapy is generally used to increase hormone levels in people whose hormones have decreased, such as in menopause. This process starts with testing hormone levels, and then deciding what amount of certain hormones need to be replenished. This process varies from person-to-person, and treatment can come in different forms such as creams, injections, gels, and more. You can also learn more about BHRT here. However, BHRT isn’t just for women experiencing menopause, and can be beneficial for many other reasons. So, what else can BHRT help with? 

Disease Prevention 

Having balanced hormones actually helps prevent disease. Declining hormone levels are associated with cognitive decline related to Alzheimer’s and Dementia, inflammation, decreased bone density, heart disease, and even certain cancers, such as prostate cancer in men. That’s right, hormone therapy is an option for men, as well! 

Mood Improvement

This one is probably less shocking, but still very valid. Low levels of estrogen, testosterone and thyroid can lead to depression, apathy, anxiety and irritability. Having a hormonal imbalance can also lead to mood swings, lowering quality of life for both you and those around you. 

Better Sleep & More Energy

Having healthy hormone levels helps to increase REM sleep and keep you on a consistent and healthy sleep cycle. Hormones are essentially chemical messengers, which help to control factors such as energy. Unfortunately, poor sleep can throw off your hormone levels, which can then be the cause of you continuing to experience night sweats, disrupted sleep, and more. 

Boosted Sexual Health

A decrease in hormones is known to cause low libido, and can even cause vaginal dryness in women, especially during menopause. Getting the hormonal boost you need can help provide more energy and increase your sex drive. After all, sexual health is also important to overall well-being.


Hormones are linked to pretty much everything regarding health and wellness. They act as chemical messengers, allow us to get proper rest, provide us with energy, and even help prevent disease. If you’re experiencing issues with any of the topics above, it might be time to get your hormones checked out. Schedule a consultation with us here