We are always looking for more ways to add vitamins and nutrients to our diet. Superfoods are an easy way to add additional nutrients to your body, and in an all natural way! To help you incorporate them on to your shopping list, we made a list of our favorite superfoods!



Have a meeting, test or event to prepare for? This superfood is full of omega fatty acids which help increase brain function. Chia seeds also help lower high cholesterol and are good for your heart. Try adding these to your yogurt or smoothies for added benefits.



Packed full of Vitamin C, K and A, this superfood is definitely one you should add to your diet! It is known for helping to stimulate detox enzymes. Try adding broccoli to your salad or as a dinner side!



A superfood with a chocolatey flavor? Count us in! This superfood helps boost your immune system with antioxidants. It’s also a healthy way to fight off sugary dessert cravings. Try sprinkling a tablespoon to your yogurt for a sweet, but healthy treat.



This superfood is a favorite. This creamy superfood is packed with 20 vitamins and minerals and helps to keep your heart healthy. Try adding it to your whole grain toast for a healthy kickstart in the morning.



This superfood has a 50% protein content and even more fiber. It helps with muscle repair, so it is great for you athletes. It is also child friendly and helps support growth through amino acids. Try adding this superfood to your next breakfast smoothie!



This orange vegetable gets its bright color from alpha and beta carotene! The carotene is converted into Vitamin A which helps to keep eyes, bones and the immune system healthy. This vegetable is also packed full of antioxidants! Try substituting homemade sweet potato fries for a healthier side for cookouts!



Good to eat, hard to pronounce (Think: A-sigh-ee). This superfood is full of antioxidants that help you focus and boost your energy. It is also packed with protein and fiber to help you feel full for longer. Try making your own acai bowl with fresh fruit and granola.


Superfoods certainly aren’t limited to this list, these are just a few of our favorites! Start incorporating these superfoods into your diet and let us know how it helps you!


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