Eating healthy can sometimes be a little overwhelming. The shopping, food prep and cooking the right way may be frustrating, making it easier to throw in the towel and go back to your old ways. From a recent survey, found that “…of those who diet regularly, two out of five quit within the first seven days, one out of five last a month, and the same number–just 20%–make it to the three-month mark.” That’s where Total Nutrition Technology steps in. Along with TNT’s personalized programs to help you achieve your optimal lifestyle, they also offer hands-on services to help you maintain it and make healthy eating easier.

Some of these specialized services include:

Grocery Store Tours

With seemingly endless options available, how do you know what items are best suited for you? TNT offers individual and group tours to help you gain confidence while shopping. Learn how to navigate the aisles and select the healthiest food in each section, as well as learning quick tips on how to interpret food labels and how to avoid the misleading print. Learn from the experts. You may surprise yourself and actually start to enjoy grocery shopping.


In-Home Food/Pantry Prep

Even after shopping smart, all of your hard work can be undone with an unorganized kitchen. Although we teach you food/pantry prep during your weekly coaching sessions, we have found that the “hands-on” approach in your own home makes all the difference in the world. Invite us into your home and let us get you organized. Imagine how much easier and more enjoyable cooking and food prep can be once you have your kitchen and pantry set up for success. Yes, there is a technique to this and yes, it does work. It is something you and your whole family will benefit from.


TNT Healthy Cooking Course

Think that having a chef come to your home is only for the rich and famous? Think again! Demos Take-Home-Chef is now more than just a show for the selected; the opportunity is here to have a local Johnson & Wales chef come to your kitchen! The possibilities are endless when you have all the knowledge of food and can bridge it to meet the customized program TNT has designed for you! No more same, boring health food! You now can have healthy food that will taste fabulous and have everyone wondering where you learned your improved cooking techniques, reduced your prep time, improved your cuts, and discovered the new found art of food! You’ll look forward to your next meal!

Healthy eating is made easy with Total Nutrition Technology.

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