The team here at TNT wants you to have a happy and healthy holiday, so everyone has come up with some of their own tips to help you avoid those seasonal pitfalls.  

TNT’s 2018 Fun Holiday Tips & Tricks


Watch those BLT’s!!! Bites – licks and taste !!!!

They tend to creep in a lot easier during the holidays when we are spending more time either baking in the kitchen or socializing at parties.

To help – suck on a mint so that can act as a barrier and prevent the mindless eating.


Assess what’s on the menu, buffet table or tray. Think about what you would like to eat and what looks good to you.

Allocate your plate so that it has a good mix of your favorite foods with some healthy options


When in doubt, fill up on non-starchy veggies.


I wanted to share a blog post I made in college with tips and tricks to stay healthy during the holiday that I’ve been sharing with clients.

I’ll also attach the link to some healthier options that I always cook for my family at Thanksgiving! A couple of the recipes have artificial sweeteners in them so I suggest honey if clients want to stay away from the those.


A tip that I usually tell people is for alcohol sipping.

We always, of course, talk about it but I want to reiterate. Having a glass of water between each beverage, and also, play games or dance to avoid the want for beverages.

This is also good for those that are at weddings, I always say, don’t go on the dance floor with a drink.


We all have a tendency to over book ourselves and rush through the holidays.

By the time the big meals occur, we are exhausted, perhaps having missed workouts, meals and snacks. This often leads to overeating.

A great place to start slowing down is with your eating. Try chewing your food to the tune of “Jingle Bells” before swallowing. You will get full faster and be less inclined to overeat. It is not as easy as it sounds!


Outline your holiday season by writing it down so you can see all the events etc… you’ll have. This gives a nice visual of all the times you may have the opportunity to overindulge (or not, sometimes doing this makes one realize there really isn’t a lot and they feel better).

Next, see if there is an item at a meal that’s important for you to have (i.e. grandma’s pie at Thanksgiving). Plan to have a reasonable sized portion and enjoy it when you do! (Prevents “diet” guilt and mentality etc…) However, continue to eat normal that day and after.

I also tell clients to step back and really think, “Is this going to taste that good or am I caught up in the environment of excitement?” 99% of the time, any food there, most likely, is something you could have any time of the year.


We already have the acronym “BELT.”

Also, you can think of “HALT:”

Never get too

… Hungry

… Angry

… Lonely or

… Tired.

In relation to eating habits, these moods drive emotional eating. Halt what you’re doing and become conscious about your feelings so that you can make sound decisions as outlined in our Four D’s (Deep breath, Drink water, Decide & Do).


Although the holiday can be a stressful, busy, and an exciting time, it is important to make sure to get enough sleep each night.

Those who sleep less, tend to be hungrier, more tired, and exercise less compared to those who get an adequate amount of sleep.


Create a new outdoor/active family tradition, such as

  • hiking
  • morning walks
  • backyard flag football


One of my favorite holiday tips is to take the initiative to encourage a family walk after your meal.

With the tendency to gravitate towards TV or phones, this is a great time to get moving and also catch up with family members you may have not seen in a while.


Eat a healthy snack prior to attending any holiday parties so you do not arrive too hungry.

Assess the food ahead of time before beginning to fill your plate. If its a dessert that you absolutely love, then select healthier options from the buffet and enjoy the dessert.

If it’s a meal item that you don’t get to enjoy during the year, partake in that and fill up on healthier options along with it -skip dessert.

It’s all about balance!


We hope that these holiday tips help you and your family have fun while staying fit.

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