As we gather with family and friends this 4th of July, there will be many temptations but that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your healthy habits. Here are a few helpful tips so that you don’t end up with a BBQ hangover.

  • Grill & Eat Lean Meats Lowering your fat content can decrease your overall calorie intake. Most cookouts offer a variety of meats, so choose the leanest cuts of beef, chicken and pork. If necessary, you can even trim off any fatty pieces once it’s on your plate.
  • Opt for Whole Wheat Buns – Choosing foods high on the glycemic index like potato chips, ice cream, sodas and full-calorie beers spikes insulin which promotes fat storage, according to Dr. Wayne Andersen, medical director of Take Shape for Life. “White bread causes a spike in your insulin and makes your body store fat. Switching white bread for whole wheat, rye, or sourdough buns can keep the fat at bay and help control insulin.”
  • Pile on the Grilled Veggies – Try to fill half of your plate with grilled veggies as early in the day as possible. They aren’t only low in calories but they are also high in fiber which will make you feel fuller, helping to steer you away from the junk food.
  • Practice Portion Control – Even little cut backs can make a difference. Go for a ¼ lb. burger instead of ½ lb. or split a steak with a friend. All of those small measurements can add up to big savings in the calorie department.
  • Don’t Skip Meals – Skipping your breakfast to save calories for that afternoon BBQ is not the way to go. This can lead to overeating and poor choices due to hunger or low blood sugar levels.

The important thing is to enjoy the time with your loved ones while making smart, fit choices this 4th of July. With these helpful tips, you’ll thank yourself in the morning. We here at TNT wish everyone a safe and healthy holiday.


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