The old idea that “calories in minus calories out” is the only thing that matters in weight loss has been debunked, and now we know that toxins, genetics, activity, sleep, stress, medications, and hormones also contribute to weight management. Let’s take a deeper dive into three hormones that play a huge role in weight loss:

1. If you feel like you easily eat too much

Leptin is made in fat cells and it sends signals to the body that say “I’m full!” In people who are obese, leptin loses its ability to send this satiety signal. This makes it easier to over-eat. Talk with your health educator about ways to savor your food, eat more slowly, eat intentionally.

2. If you’re starving the minute you start a new diet

Ghrelin is produced by the stomach and it tells your body “I’m hungry and I need food… now!”. It is higher in people who diet. It also causes the metabolism to drop. A lower metabolism makes it harder to lose weight. Avoid this trap by slowly reducing your calories to lose weight instead of taking a drastic restriction. Make sure you drink a lot of water and eat satiating foods to keep your stomach feeling full. Check out more tips about How to Lose Weight without Feeling Hungry!

3. If you hold onto fat in your midsection

You may have a disruption in your Cortisol Awakening Response. Cortisol is produced in stressful situations. It also is supposed to peak and drop at certain times correlated with your sleep-wake cycle. Work on ways to chill out more and get in a good sleep routine.

What should I do to control my hormones?

First, remember that your hormones are trying to help you. The body doesn’t like drastic changes so it’s trying to stay balanced. If your hormones are unbalanced, there is a reason why. 

Second, don’t lose weight rapidly. Instead, ask us for a metabolic test and fuel appropriately for gradual weight loss. Get your physical activity and eat healthy foods that are satiating in the amounts that YOU need them with a customized nutrition plan.

Lastly, ask for a consultation with one of our providers certified in hormone testing. There are many other hormones that can impact your weight, sleep, energy levels, and even mood. Our specialists will listen to your symptoms, suggest natural, alternative ways to balance your hormones, and help you decide which hormone test is right for you.

To sum up, hormones play a major role in weight management. Health educators and registered dietitians from Total Nutrition Technology help you naturally take control of your hormones so you can keep on making progress towards your weight loss goals.