Nothing says summer like a road trip! The classic road trip is a great way to check out new areas, parks, trails, etc., so try to leave a little extra time in your plans to explore. Of course, bringing kids along can make your journey a bit more difficult (or if you simply just get a little ancy on long car rides). Being well prepared for your journey can help make a big difference. So, whether your heading to the beach, mountains or over the river and through the woods to grandma’s house, here are some suggestions to make your road trip a little smoother.


Besides the inevitable phones, chargers, video games, movies and other various electronics, try some games to help everyone from staying at a screen. has 10 free car game ideas for the family or has some ideas for the adults. There are also some items that you should have on hand:

Paper Towels – spills happen
Toilet Paper – just in case you need to make a emergency stop
Facial Tissue – sniff sniff, snot snot
Moist Wipes – sticky hands are likely
Odor Eliminator – spilled ice cream, dirty shoes, stinky car – yuck
Facial Towelettes – your face can get greasy and blah feeling after a long drive
Lip Balm – no one enjoys dry lips
Dental Floss – driving with something stuck between your teeth – no thank you!
Lotion – dry skin is never fun
Hand Sanitizer – great for a quick clean before digging into a yummy snack
Lens Cloth – if you wear glasses, make sure to pack one

Snack Essentials

We can all be big snackers, especially on road trips. Build a snack box big enough to last the entire drive there and restock it on the way back. This ensures everyone is eating quality whole foods (with a few treats) and keeps you out of the drive through, saving calories and money. Feel free to customize to your families dietary needs and preferences. Here are a few basics to consider.

Organic juice boxes
Dried fruit
Nuts & seeds
Classic trail mix
Goldfish cheese crackers
Fig bars

Cooler Staples

Keeping a cooler in the back seat with fresh fruits and veggies is also a great idea. Freeze water bottles in a advance to use as ice packs. They stay cold for most of the trip and when they do thaw out, you have ice cold water while saving some space! Pre-portioned dips and snack pouches are wonderful for road trips. Whole fruits last longer in the car and make for easier clean up, so try to avoid pre-cut fruits. Do however, include lots of sliced and pre-cut veggies.

Fresh whole fruits (apples, bananas, cuties etc)
Pre-chopped veggies (carrots, cucumbers bell peppers, celery etc)
Organic hummus
Ranch cups
Powerballs (Clean Eats & Treats recipe)
All-natural applesauce
Organic cheese sticks
Frozen water bottles

First Aid Kit

Accidents are bound to happen now and then. It’s smart to be stocked with some first aid essentials because you never know what you may need. You may also not be near a drug store in your travels. These are some basics, in addition to your normal medications and vitamins.

Pedialyte powder mix-ins
Sunblock stick
Sunblock spray
Wound spray
Wound gel
Antibacterial ointment
Hand sanitizer
Acetaminophen (adult and children)
Ibuprofen (adult and children)
Bandaids (all sizes)
Alcohol wipes
Antibacterial hand wipes
Gauze pads
Antacid chews
Sunburn relief spray

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We hope that these suggestions help to make your road trips a little more enjoyable.
Wishing everyone a fun, safe summer that’s full of adventure!

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