The warmer weather and longer evenings have most of us gathering together around the pool and grill, but these fun-filled parties can also be filled with calories. Not to say that we shouldn’t all have a little cheat day here and there but why not cut the fat where we can while still enjoying some of those tasty treats. Total Nutrition Technology wants to help you maintain your healthy goals during a tempting Summer BBQ or outing with a few tips.

Trade-in that cheese or mayo for the bold flavor of a marinade or sauce using some of these ingredients:

  • Worcestershire sauce: 2 tablespoons contain 30 calories, 0 grams fat, and 390 milligrams sodium
  • Tomato paste: 2 tablespoons contain 30 calories, 0 grams fat, and 20 milligrams sodium
  • Molasses: 2 tablespoons contain 120 calories, 0 grams fat, and 40 milligrams sodium

Grill some veggies. It’s not only meat that can taste better grilled. Vegetables such as zucchini, eggplant, onions, cherry tomatoes, etc. are not only good for you but add beautiful colors to your spread. Just cut, coat in olive oil (or marinade for added flavor) and throw on the grill for a healthy option.  

Go skinless. Taking the skin off your chicken (before marinating and cooking, so as not to lose the flavors) or buying it already without the skin can save fat and calories. For instance:

  • 4 ounces of roasted chicken breast with skin contains 223 calories, 8.8 grams of fat, and 2.5 grams of saturated fat
  • 4 ounces of roasted chicken breast WITHOUT skin contains 187 calories, 4 grams of fat, and 1.2 grams of saturated fat

Replace those sodas. Food isn’t the only culprit that can sabotage your diet. Sodas and fruit juice cocktails are filled with empty calories, not to mention nasty preservatives and fillers. These suggestions can “cut out the yuck” without losing the zest:

  • Infused water (ideas to make your own in our “Rescuing and Making the Most of Your Produce” blog)
  • Green Tea – it’s full of antioxidants, comes in many flavors and can be delicious hot or iced. For a little added sweetness, put a few drops of honey in the mix
  • Seltzer & Juice – you can make your own soda by combining seltzer water and 100% juice (not a cocktail blend) to make a bubbly treat without all the extra sugars
  • Red Wine – it’s a healthy alternative to beer and most mixed drinks. Red wine has many benefits but like most things, should be enjoyed in moderation.

Ahhh Desserts! Sometimes there’s no better way to end a good meal than with a great dessert, but some of those choices can blow your whole calorie count for the day. Your sweet tooth shouldn’t worry though, because there are still lots of yummy options available. The recipes for healthy desserts can seem endless, but don’t be afraid take a look and try something new. Here’s a few keywords to help narrow your search:

  • Angel food and berries
  • Seasonal fruit sorbet
  • Grilled peaches
  • Watermelon slushies
  • Tropical granita (or any kind of granita really, considering the numerous variations on this dessert)

Joining together with family and friends for a good meal and great time can be fun as well as nutritious. So before you grab that bag of chips or bottle of soda for the next get-together, use some of these tips and contact TNT today to help keep things fit and fresh!