Are you traveling this holiday season? Need any ideas for snacking healthy? We’ve got your back! The tricky thing is finding snacks that transport well, don’t need major refrigeration (or no refrigeration), and are the least processed as possible. Plan ahead with these healthy snacks!

If you have no cooler and don’t want to prep food ahead of time, check out these easy ideas!

  • Banana and Peanut Butter Squeeze

If bananas sound unimpressive to you, consider this- they come in their own nature-made wrapper… the peel! No washing is necessary, they are the ultimate fresh fruit friend for your holiday trip. Pair with Thrive Market Organic Peanut Butter sold in a squeezable pouch.

  • Nature’s Promise Trail Mix

There are so many kinds of trail mix out there! Nature’s Promise Trail Mix comes in convenient portion-controlled sizes and in three varieties. 

  • Freeze-Dried Fruit, Fruit Leather, or Fruit Snack Packs

It’s shelf-stable, compact, contains no added sugar, and can fit inside your purse or suitcase. 

Try Organic Freeze-Dried Berry Medley by Trader Joe’s and Stretch Island Fruit Leather

For snack packs of fruit, look for fruit packed in 100% juice instead of syrup. 

  • Single-Serving Shelf-Stable Milk/ Almond Milk

Horizon Low-Fat Shelf-Stable Milk has changed the game on road trip options! Blue Diamond Unsweetened Vanilla almond milk provides a dairy-free alternative.  

  • Healthy Sweets

Made In  Nature Frusion Pops contain no added sugar and are made with organic ingredients. Just watch your portions because they are calorie-dense. 

Bringing a cooler might give you more options and be more cost-effective. If you’ve got space for a little travel-sized cooler or lunchbox, consider these ideas!

  • Healthier Cheese Cracker Sandwiches

Make your own cracker sandwiches. Triscuits are whole wheat and only have 3 ingredients. Pair your Triscuits with Laughing Cow Creamy Light Swiss Cheese or part-skim mozzarella string cheese. Maybe add a slice of turkey pepperoni? Remember to keep cheese and meat in a cooler.

  • Cut up fruit and vegetables

Bring cut-up veggies like carrots, celery, and sweet peppers in a Tupperware container half-filled with water. Store them in a small cooler. The water will keep them crisp and cold.

Whether you travel light or are known to bring more stuff with you than you need, we hope that you have a healthy, safe, and fun holiday. 

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