Are you feeling a little off lately? Are your moods all over the place and your energy levels inconsistent? It might not be in your head – you could actually have a hormone imbalance. Here are some signs that you might be struggling with this issue. Millions of women suffer from hormone imbalances every year. In this post, we’ll discuss the signs that you might have a hormone imbalance and what you can do to get your hormones back in balance. Stay tuned!

Estrogen Imbalance 

Estrogen is a hormone that works hand in glove with progesterone to keep your body healthy. Estrogen’s main function? To maintain the reproductive system, but it also has an important role throughout our bodies–in particular for those systems you’ll find on this page! You might be experiencing symptoms if there’s not enough estrogen around: light cycles or UTI problems (to name just two), while too much can lead towards excess bleeding during menstruation plus breast pain/among other things…

On the other hand, excess estrogen can present in ways such as heavy bleeding, breast pain, fluid retention, food cravings and blood clots throughout your cycle. 

Testosterone Imbalance 

Testosterone is a hormone that influences many processes in the body, including reproductive function and bone development. It also affects moods by creating feelings of well-being or sadness; this can be why some people experience high testosterone as an increase alongside irritability if it’s too much for them though!

High levels could lead to acne problems along with other aesthetic issues such has facial hair growth where there should not normally appear any type on top lip hair at all – since we know how important aesthetics are within our society today (just think about what Keeping up With The Kardashians has done!).

Progesterone Imbalance

Older women are not the only people who need to worry about progesterone levels. While progesterone is not as glamorous or exciting to talk about, it’s important for regulating cycles and preparing your body in order to get pregnant. Progesterones role in this process includes thickening the lining of our uteruses which leads us into menstruation if there isn’t fertilization from an egg cell–so some symptoms might occur such has frequent/irregularity periods Cramping low body temperature sleep disturbance weight gain among others!


Although some of these symptoms might seem a bit scary, most of them have an easy fix. As previously stated, simple lifestyle changes such as a better diet, increase in exercise, and trying to switch to more organic medication alternatives can help get you back in balance! These are early fixes and often hormone testing and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is needed. 

Hormone replacement therapy can be great for symptom reduction. If you’re looking into weight loss, more energy, better sleep and just an improved quality of life in general, looking into hormone imbalances is a great way to start! Click here to get started today!