The 7 Habits of the Highly Healthy

Study after study has shown that many different people can eat the same foods and incur varying results. What these studies don’t talk about is how the habits of these people differ, too. In fact, if you ask your favorite healthy person what it is that they do differently, they may not even be able to pinpoint it themselves. So here’s a list of the top seven healthy habits that generally healthy people agree they do.

Healthy people subconsciously…
1. Eat Slowly. This might include chewing for a long time before swallowing, clearing out their mouths completely before the next bite, or enjoying conversation while dining. Often, they are the last ones to complete their meal, and usually (though not always) there is food left on their plate when everyone else is done and ready to go.

2. Know About Food Safety. As a result, they often avoid eating at buffets or parties. This isn’t because they’re worried about losing their diet, but rather about getting sick from food poisoning. The positive side effect is that they don’t hang out near (and thus aren’t tempted by) the food tables or buffet selection.

3. Move a Lot. They may not even realize it, but healthy people aren’t even thinking about running “back upstairs” to grab their coat or shoes. They don’t mind multi-tasking, and therefore often are brushing their teeth while walking around, starting laundry, picking out clothes, or even knocking out a few calf raises.

4. Start Small. Knowing they can always go back for more, generally healthy people typically do not fill their plates. Instead, they nab a few bites of each option, and if necessary, go back for a few more bites of their favorite. In fact, you can usually see most of their plate, rather than a heaping pile of food.

5. Listen to Body Cues. Many of your inherently healthy people aren’t tracking their water or calories (anymore), but know when they haven’t had enough of the necessities like water, veggies, fruit, etc. The same people often know when to stop noshing, when to get up and stretch, and when to call it quits for the day. Overall, honoring their body’s needs is so ingrained that they often don’t even realize it’s happening.

6. Are Aware of Weaknesses. Chocolate covered pretzel weakness? They know it. And they tell others. “Oh, no way, I cannot go to _____, because I cannot resist their _____.” You’ve heard them say it, and that’s because the intuitively healthy population is not afraid to share their downfalls in hopes of support.

7. Love Food. Not the act of eating. That’s right, they savor every bite, enjoy the rare specialty, and occasionally indulge in their favorites. They appreciate the flavor of each food item (and usually avoid smothering that flavor in sauces). They’re often not afraid to try something new, and yet rarely feel obligated to finish a dish. Sometimes eating can be a chore whose only purpose is to fuel the body, so they’ll often turn to small, nutrient dense snacks throughout the day and save their taste buds (and cash) for a truly enjoyable meal once or twice a week.

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