Sometimes you just need to get past some of stigmas associated with “convenience” cooking. Microwaving is evil? No way! Plastic containers are a bad way to go? Think again. We have been bombarded with so many “do not’s” in eating healthy that you feel guilty for taking shortcuts. But some of these hacks can make a nutritious diet a little easier and that’s fine by me.

  • Microwave – Not ashamed to admit it … I like the microwave.  It’s not good for the actual cooking of foods but it’s hard to beat melting things such as coconut oil and almond butter. Certain containers shouldn’t be use though, for more information on this check out Microwave Safe Containers. There are also many steam-in bags of veggies that can save time on those busy nights and it’s a easy way to make use of all of those leftover bits so that you’re not wasting money.
  • Plastic Containers I love my copper pots and pans for cooking, along with stone and glass cooking wares but they’re not great for storage. Sometimes you just can’t beat the space saving and ease of plastic containers. Whether it’s for stacking in the fridge/freezer or grabbing on the go, these handy vessels can make your life faster and easier. I wouldn’t suggest using them in the microwave though, as they can release potentially dangerous health hazards (refer to link above).
  • Pressure Cooker – There is nothing wrong with cooking things quickly and simply. The pressure makes things cook fast and even, without losing the flavor. They are also safe to set and walk away, with the right brand. My friend turned me onto the Instant Pot and I haven’t looked back. There are so many items that you can cook in the Instant Pot, check it out for yourself.
  • Buying Pre-Made – Just because food items are prepped for you, it doesn’t make them bad. I have consumed pre-washed spinach, organic packaged broths, pre-peeled hard boiled eggs and pre-cut veggies and I’ve lived to tell the tale. Don’t get me wrong, finding and preparing produce from my local farmer’s market has a certain satisfaction in it but there isn’t always time. You have to make do with the time and resources that you have available.
  • Get Whatever You Can Delivered – If it’s in your budget, check into local butcher and produce delivery. There are also national services available such as Butcher Box offering natural and organic beef, poultry and pork products for delivery or Amazon Subscribe and Save for your pantry basics. Eating healthy is made a whole lot easier if the items are delivered to your front door.

The way I see it, these hacks are working smart not hard and that can make all the difference. There will always be the die-hards out there taking it to the next level and that’s fine but if you’re like me, sometimes you need to take a few shortcuts to stay on track. So let go of some of that hacking shame and do what works for you.


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