Replenishing Foods for New Moms

You have created a new life and that is absolutely incredible….and overwhelming! Your newborn is undoubtedly consuming almost all of your time, as well as your nutrients if you are breastfeeding. Meanwhile, your hormones are all over the place and your body isn’t bouncing back the way you had hoped. You are not alone! The transition into motherhood can be difficult. It may be hard to find time to eat, let alone cook, but it’s important to continue eating right in order to keep up your energy, replace vital nutrients, help balance your hormones, strengthen your immune system and boost your milk supply. Here are some energy replenishing foods for new moms:

Nuts and Seeds – These easy to grab snacks are high in vitamin E, iron, magnesium, calcium, protein and carbs which means they help boost your milk, ease skin itching, give you much needed calories and help you stay full. Try a banana topped with almond/peanut butter or sprinkled with sesame seeds. You don’t even have to dirty a dish! Peel the banana, grab a spoon and that jar of almond/peanut butter or seeds. Put a scoop and/or seeds on the banana before taking a bite.

Protein – These can include (organic if possible) red meat, chicken, seafood, beans, eggs, soy, and/or legumes. High protein intake is essential for maintaining your milk supply, energy levels and keeping you satiated. No need to get fancy – use some food storage containers and put in cubes of meat, a hard-boiled egg, grapes and a couple cubes of cheese. And now you have several easy-to-eat, one-handed meals packed with protein.

Check out more easy protein snacks at

Oats This food is known for boosting lactation. It not only helps with milk production, it is high in iron, fiber and B vitamins. Oats can also be easy to prepare, making them a great staple for a breastfeeding mom.

Try these overnight oats and healthy lactation cookie recipes.

Dark Leafy Greens – Kale, spinach, romaine lettuce and endive are good examples. Dark leafy greens are nutrient powerhouses, especially high in B-vitamins, and are so important for your energy level and overall health. Easy ways to enjoy them are in salads or added to your smoothies.

Water – Although this isn’t a food, it’s vital to stay hydrated for your health and milk supply.

There are also important vitamins and nutrients to discuss with your doctor or nutritionist such as calcium, vitamin D, iron and probiotics.  

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