There’s never a bad time to start implementing good habits into your routine, but if you’re still looking for “the right time” to start exercising, look no further. Between flu season being right around the corner, kids going back to school and holidays coming up, let’s go through some reasons why you might find it beneficial to start exercising this Fall.

Immunity Boost

Flu season begins in fall, but peaks between December and February. In other words, this is the perfect time to start working out if you want to boost your immune system right before Flu season peaks. Exercise is known to boost the activity of immune cells in your body, helping to detect sickness earlier and fight it off more effectively. Check out our post on immune boosting foods as well! 

Prime Weather

If you need an extra boost of inspiration, here it is. The extreme heat of summer has started to pass, but it’s not too cold to enjoy time outside. Sunny with a breeze plus the leaves changing colors equals a perfect setting to enjoy your outside workout.

Fighting off Winter Blues

Not only do we need to care for our physical health, but we need to watch out for our mental health. As the weather starts to cool down, lots of people face seasonal depression. Exercise releases endorphins and dopamine, helping to get a head start in fighting off any “winter blues.”

Preparing for the Holidays

If you’re stressed about remaining healthy through the fall and winter Holidays, exercising now can help you start a routine with plenty of time to spare. By time the Holidays roll around, you’ll be used to working out, and you’ll be able to enjoy your festivities without worrying about gaining extra pounds.

It’s the “Routine” Time of Year 

This one especially applies if you have children. Kids are going back to school, forcing parents to implement more stable routines. Summer vacations are coming to an end, and people are ready to start making their yearly appointments to get things out of the way before the Holidays come around. If you’re already working on getting back into a routine, why not go ahead and add exercise into your weekly plan?


Like we said earlier, there’s never a bad time to pick up healthy habits, but hopefully some of these reasons will help convince you that Fall is the perfect time to start exercising. Not only is it a way to go outside and enjoy the cool weather, but it will also prepare you for those upcoming Holidays and prevent you from getting sick throughout it all.