Are you looking for help with weight loss in the Charlotte area? Not sure if you need the help of a nutritionist? Total Nutrition Technology’s Nutrition Plan can help you live a healthier lifestyle, lose weight, gain energy and so much more with personalized programs, customized services and medical testing. If you are ready for real results then TNT is your Key To Nutrition and Weight Loss.

Total Nutrition Technology Nutrition Plan Explained

Here are some of the customized Nutrition Plan we have to offer:

A Certified TNT Health Educator will perform a comprehensive health evaluation that will cover desired achievements, past history, current habits, potential obstacles and a game plan to succeed. Each program is personally customized and conveniently offered in-person, by phone or online.
The TNT Weight Loss Program is engineered to reduce body fat while improving muscle tone. You will have a personal nutritionist or health coach with you through every step of your journey.
With this program you will:
Understand the essential nutrients your body needs, when and what to eat, how much you need to eat, and why this is important.
Create quick and easy meals and snacks that are healthy and taste good.
About food labels.
Learn how to make healthy choices when dining out, attending social events, and traveling.
To incorporate exercise in an effective and fun way.
Total Nutrition Technology takes a comprehensive approach to this and has developed the Wellness Program aimed at improving your overall quality of life. This program is designed to eliminate the guesswork and address your specific nutrition and medical concerns.
TNT’s Wellness Program focuses on aspects, such as:
Improving your quality of life and reducing your risk factors for further health ailments.
Overcoming the challenges of food allergies and other health concerns.
Enhancing mental and physical health.
Ensuring that you are taking in and making use of all essential nutrients.
Improving your overall energy, sleep concentration and sense of well-being.
Total Nutrition Technology offers the program, TNT Moms, which is specifically suited for moms and moms-to-be. The program consists of custom-designed plans developed for all stages of pregnancy.
The benefits gained through TNT Moms Nutrition Plan include:
Plans that are custom-designed, whether you are planning for pregnancy, pregnant, or in the postpartum stage eager to get back to your pre-pregnancy shape.
Ensuring that you are taking in all essential nutrients your body needs through every stage of pregnancy.
How to read food labels to optimize your diet.
Learning to combat various nutrition-related pregnancy issues including food aversions, cravings, heartburn, gestational diabetes, and gastrointestinal issues.
The convenience of having help available in-person, by phone or online.
A healthy lifestyle should start early. The TNT Youth program is specifically designed for the younger age group, 10-18 years old. We will help create healthy eating habits and lifestyles, before unhealthy habits even start!
This Nutrition Plan will:
Encourage activity in those not involved in a sport.
Learn nutrition principles in an easy-to-understand lesson plan that encourages teens to take charge of their nutrition and understand why good nutrition is important.
The benefits of a healthy lifestyle.
How to make good choices when eating out in places such as the cafeteria, restaurants, and friends’ houses.
Be able to read food-labels and determine what is and is not a healthy choice.
This program has the goal to not only help add “years to your life”, but more importantly, “life to your years.”
With TNT Silver you will:
Learn how to prepare quick or no-cook meals for those who don’t like to cook or are only cooking for one or two people.
We will make sure all health-related nutrition concerns are considered in a meal plan specific for you. (i.e. cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, and any other medical concern)
Incorporate physical activity with consideration of possible physical limitations.
Understand how to navigate the grocery store, read a food label, and make wise decisions when eating out to help make healthy and tasty choices.
This program makes meals more manageable by overcoming the challenges with food allergies, intolerances and picky eaters.
The benefits of TNT Family include
Children’s Weight Management Plans.
Handling Picky Eaters, Food Allergy and Food Challenges.
Nutrition Guidelines for Active Children.
Making Family Meals less Stressful.
Family Nutrition Counseling.
Ensuring Proper Nutrients for Children.
Specifically for athletes or individuals training for a specific event. This program helps athletes push their limits and maximize their potential. We have worked with all sports – ranging from endurance such as marathons, triathlons, to football, wrestling and MMA, gymnastics, swimming, car racing , fitness competitions and high school level through the professional leagues. Our teammates who administer this select service are all degreed and have gone through special training.
With TNT Pro you will:
Learn how to choose appropriate snacks/meals appropriate to fuel your workouts and events.
Get tips on how to fuel properly while on the road/traveling for an event.
Understand the fuel type that is best for your body and the volume of each nutrient that is required for your body to perform at its optimal level.
Pinpoint the appropriate timing of your meals and snacks based on your training schedule.
These are educational, comprehensive that can greatly affect the successful outcome of a program. Total Nutrition Technology services may be 100% covered through your company’s insurance plan. Contact us to discuss your specific Corporate Wellness Program Options.
Companies that have implemented a comprehensive corporate wellness program have seen substantial savings in health care costs for the company as well as the employee. Annual health care costs are $1,800 less per employee than organizations without such programs, the Towers Watson report found. In a company that employs 10,000 people, this translates to an annual savings of $18 million.
Above and beyond the cost savings you can expect the following benefits from a healthier workforce through TNT Corporate Nutrition:
Higher worker productivity.
Reduced absenteeism due to illness.
Employee interest in an appealing benefit program.
How often do I meet with my Health Educator
Better Stress management.
Benefit program that attracts employees.
Available in-person, by phone or online.
Friendly employee wellness challenges

Our Nutrition Services In Detail:

Total Nutrition Technology also offers beneficial services to help guide you on your journey of health and nutrition.
TNT Group Workshops – This is a fabulous way to build a larger support system, live-healthy in addition to your TNT Health Educator and nutrition plans.
Cooking Courses – Take-Home-Chef is now more than just a show for the selected; the opportunity is here to have in-home food prep session.
In-Home Food Pantry/Prep – Imagine how much easier and more enjoyable cooking and food prep can be once you have your kitchen and pantry set up for success.
Grocery Store Tours – We encourage everyone to take advantage of this service. TNT offers individual and group tours to help you gain confidence while shopping.
These medical tests take the guesswork out of your optimal nutrition plan and set you on the path to success.
DNA testing is a groundbreaking form of fitness assessment designed to identify the specific genes that determine how the body processes different kinds of foods and how it responds to different forms of physical activity. Results from DNA testing allow TNT to develop a comprehensive dietary and fitness plan for each client based on their unique genetic makeup. Thanks to DNA testing, TNT coaches are better equipped to help clients experience greater success.
Metabolic Testing
The professionals at TNT can accurately and quickly measure your resting metabolic rate (RMR). Understanding your RMR provides insight into how your body maintains vital body function and burns calories. Your metabolism affects everything from your fertility to your mood, among other things. Metabolic testing is a non-invasive procedure that takes only 10 minutes and enables your TNT coach to give you immediate and accurate results.
Micronutrient Testing
Standard blood testing can provide current nutritional data, but may not capture accurate data across an extended period of time. Micronutrient testing will gather data for up to six months and allows the TNT staff to determine essential nutrients that are abundant or lacking in the client’s nutritional composition. This form of testing helps TNT to see long term trends for micronutrients in clients and helps them to better plan an eating program that will most benefit the individual.
Mediator Release Test (MRT) determines the degree of food sensitivities and chemical reactions. MRT testing also addresses health problems through immune-reactions to specific foods. This test includes coaching expertise from a Certified LEAP Therapist.
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