This week we celebrate National Women’s Health & Fitness Day. So, in observation, this week’s blog is going to focus on the ladies.

According to, “Women’s Health & Fitness Day is the nation’s largest annual health promotion event for women of all ages. This year’s event is set for Wednesday, September 26, 2018, and in future years, is always held on the last Wednesday in September. This unique national program — with participation by local organizations throughout the U.S. — focuses attention on the importance of regular physical activity and health awareness for women.”

The goals of this event are:

  • to encourage women to take control of their health
  • to learn the facts they need to make smart health choices
  • to make time for regular physical activity

Although women typically live longer than men, women still have some of their own surprising statistics. For instance:

  • 1 in 3 women die of heart disease and stroke. (American Heart Association) – In fact, despite popular belief, heart disease kills more women than men.
  • 36.4% of women over the age of 20 are considered obese. (CDC) – This leads to a higher likelihood of coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, hypertension and stroke among many other issues.
  • Osteoporosis threatens 44 million people, 68% are women. (National Osteoporosis Foundation). – It used to be that Osteoporosis was something that older women just had to accept. Now we know that we can take preventative measures and actually help our bones as we age.
  • Twice as many women suffer from depression than men. (National Institute of Mental Health) – According to the National Institute of Mental Health, scientists are still diligently working to determine all the potential causes that could lead to more depression in women. As of now, they are theorizing that it’s a mixture of brain chemistry, hormones, environment, genetic, biological and social factors.
  • 75% of autoimmune diseases occur in women. ( American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association) – Unfortunately, women are 3x more likely to have an autoimmune disease than men. These diseases are also cited as the top 10 causes of death in U.S. women ages 65 and younger. Although women have a more advanced immune system than men, which makes them more resistant to infection, this also leads to a higher risk of autoimmune diseases.
  • 90% of women who experience chronic pain feel the healthcare system discriminates against them. (National Pain Report) – A recent ThinkProgress article has brought an important issue to light: the fact that there is a long history of gender bias in the healthcare industry. In particular, it’s well documented that women patients are often told that many of their symptoms are in their head. The New York Times even reported that this gender bias as one of the reasons endometriosis, as well as other reproductive issues, go ignored in teenage girls and later cause major infertility issues.

Statistics courtesy in part by Care2.

The good news about these statistics is that they are bringing about awareness so that we can try to do something about them. For many, this may mean the practice of preventative medicine. For others, it may require a lot of advocacy to change an entire sector of our healthcare system.

So, what are some of the things that you can do to recognize National Women’s Health & Fitness Day? Fitness Magazine suggest these 7 ideas to help you celebrate your body, mind, and well-being:

  1. Find a Local Event – group yoga, running club, healthy cooking course, etc.
  2. Try Something New – that SoulCycle class you’ve been too afraid of or finding a personal trainer to lose those stubborn inches
  3. Schedule a Checkup – sometimes the best defense is a good offense, so go for those preventative screenings that can help you in the long run
  4. Eat and Drink for Health – try some superfoods, stay hydrated and work with a certified nutritionist
  5. Phone a Friend – working out with a friend is usually more fun and can also boost your mental well-being
  6. Pay Attention to your Mental Health – stop to listen to what your mind and body need today. Maybe try some relaxing yoga or a 5 minute meditation to help you be present, relieve stress and refresh yourself.
  7. Shake Things Up at Work – choose a parking spot a little farther away, find a coworker to walk with you during your lunch hour or start a healthy recipe swap each week.

In addition to these ideas, Total Nutrition Technology also has a plethora of specifically designed programs and services to help you along the journey to a stronger, healthier self. TNT’s comprehensive approach addresses the entire individual and their needs. We start with an extensive health evaluation and assessment. This is followed by a custom-built nutrition plan & one-on-one coaching sessions ensuring it fits one’s lifestyle and dietary objectives. Our clients succeed because we are with them every step of the way, ensuring focus is maintained and results are achieved.

Examples of our Programs & Services include:

  • Metabolic Testing – The professionals at TNT can accurately and quickly measure your resting metabolic rate (RMR). Understanding your RMR provides insight into how your body maintains vital body functions and burns calories. RMR is essentially how much energy your body uses while at rest.
  • TNT Weight Loss – engineered to reduce body fat while improving muscle tone.
  • Grocery Store Tours – We encourage everyone to take advantage of this service. TNT offers individual and group tours to help you gain confidence while shopping. Learn how to navigate the aisles and select the healthiest food in each section as well as learning quick tips on how to interpret food labels and how to avoid the misleading print. Learn from the experts. You may surprise yourself and actually start to enjoy grocery shopping!
  • TNT Moms – our very own mommy-makeover. Each plan is custom-designed, whether you are prenatal, pregnant, or post and ready to get back into your fighting shape.
  • TNT Silver – our goal is to not only help add “years to your life”, but more importantly, “life to your years”.
  • Healthy Cooking Courses – Demos Take-Home-Chef is now more than just a show for the selected; the opportunity is here to have a local Johnson & Wales chef come to your kitchen! The possibilities are endless when you have all the knowledge of food and can bridge it to meet the customized program TNT has designed for you! No more same, boring health food! You now can have healthy food that will taste fabulous and have everyone wondering where you learned your improved cooking techniques, reduced your prep time, improved your cuts, and discovered the new found art of food! You’ll look forward to your next meal!
  • Group Workshops – We believe in providing every individual with personal attention. However, there are also benefits of a group sessions, such as learning from and relating to other clients’ experiences. This is a fabulous way to build a larger support system, in addition to your TNT Health Educator.
  • TNT Pro – a program designed specifically for athletes or individuals training for a special event (Prequalification is required).
  • TNT Wellness – a program is designed to eliminate the guesswork and address your specific nutrition and medical concerns. We will help you improve your quality of life and reduce your risk factors for further health ailments.
  • Corporate Wellness – TNT services may be 100% covered through your company’s insurance plan. Contact us to discuss your specific Corporate Wellness Program Options.
  • In-Home Food/Pantry Prep – we teach you how to do this during your weekly coaching sessions and have found that the “hands on” approach in your own home makes all the difference in the world. Invite us into your home and let us get you organized. Imagine how much easier and more enjoyable cooking and food prep can be once you have your kitchen and pantry set up for success. Yes, there is a technique to this and yes, it does work. It is something you and your whole family will benefit from.

So, Ladies Unite! Get out there to celebrate National Women’s Health & Fitness Day. Help to strengthen not only yourself but also your fellow females and community.

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