When starting a nutrition journey, setting yourself up for success is key! Keeping track of what you eat allows you to see areas of strength and areas for improvement.

What is my dietitian going to tell me about my food log?

Some general things that dietitians and educators look for when reviewing a food diary or food plan are:

  1. Are your meals and snacks balanced?
  2. Is your day balanced?
  3. How often are you eating? How do you feel when you start and stop eating?
  4. Are you eating from all or most food groups?
  5. Do you have variety in your diet?
  6. Do you have fun foods in your diet?

Depending on your goals, your dietitian or educator may discuss other things with you, too, such as your carbohydrate amount and timing.

How should I log?

Pick what works best! Here are a few common ones to choose from:

  1. Total Nutrition Technology’s Customized Nutrition Plan takes out the guesswork
  2. Plan out your meals on a calendar- whiteboard, paper, Google Calendar, or in your agenda. Keep it where you will see it
  3. My Fitness Pal App or Website- you can choose to share your food diary with friends
  4. The Ate App- take pictures of your food to document. This app also allows you to describe your environment when you were eating

How do I know if I am documenting correctly?

Your dietitian or educator will teach you how to estimate portion sizes. It is up to you how accurate you want to be. If you are not confident in your ability to estimate at first- that’s okay! You can measure out your food or weigh your food with a food scale. Over time, you will get better at eyeballing it.


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