Are you the type to shrug off your achievements? If so- stop it! Right now! 

Here’s why: Health is a long-term journey. Results- whether that is weight loss, decreased inflammation, or pain relief-  take a good deal of perseverance. Perseverance that you do possess.

Imagine you’re walking up the side of a mountain. Looking ahead, you see rocks, trees, and other obstacles. If you turn around, you see the glorious view of a sunlight-kissed valley behind you. Taking time to celebrate your accomplishments is like turning around to enjoy the mountain scenery. Failing to do so is like climbing a mountain without stopping at the overlook. It is a lot less enjoyable, and the journey doesn’t feel worth the effort.

How do you celebrate? 

First, celebrate by taking time to reflect on the progress.

For example, the immunocalm diet can feel restrictive if you focus on what foods you can’t eat. It is a lot more liberating to focus on how much better you will feel, how terrific you will feel after 6 weeks and on the new foods that you get to add into your diet as you progress through the 6 phases. If you take time to reflect, you might see that you accomplished something hard and hopefully also learned some new recipes and tried some new foods that you don’t usually eat. Hopefully, you will have learned how to be more mindful of how many different foods you eat across the day and week. Hopefully, you will also be more knowledgeable about the hidden sources of your food triggers. Those are all parts of the journey that you can feel good about. 

Second, tell a close friend or family member

When you’ve reached a milestone. Verbalizing it and confiding in a second person will make it feel more real to you. 

Third, celebrate in a way that aligns with your health goal.

For example, if you’re doing the immunocalm diet, you might not be able to celebrate with a beer if wheat is one of your “red” foods. Instead, choose a treat (could be non-food) that aligns with your goals. 

Below are 10 celebration ideas that promote healthy behaviors:

  1. Buy a new workout top, yoga mat, tennis shoes, gym bg, or water bottle
  2. Get a haircut that makes you feel confident
  3. Go to a farmers market for local foods
  4. Buy yourself flowers to brighten your home and mood
  5. Take a cooking class
  6. Buy a TNT specialty test – micronutrient, DNA, hormone, metabolism, food sensitivity- to learn more about your unique health needs
  7. Get a Hungry Root box sent to your door to make grocery shopping easier
  8. Order a new outfit from Stitch Fix, an online personal styling solution with free shipping and returns
  9. Take a gardening class to learn how to grow your own organic food
  10. Schedule a photoshoot to capture your inner confidence on camera


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