Teachers- you’re certainly strong and creative. Many of you decided to prioritize your health in 2020 through good nutrition, exercise, and stress management even though it was difficult. You came up with creative strategies to reach your health goals. Many minds are greater than one,  so we thought we’d share some of the great ideas that teachers, like you, used to reach their goals amid a pandemic. 

Teachers Health Tips:

#1- You chose masks that had a button in them for a drinking straw. That helped teachers get their fluids in during the school day!

#2- You packed food that didn’t need to be refrigerated or heated, so you didn’t have to walk all the way to the microwave. Many of you were on tight schedules! 

#3- You packed “Snack Lunches” (like a pack of tuna, whole grain crackers, baby carrots, and Cuties oranges. Or cut a peanut butter and jelly sandwich into 4 pieces for a quick bite in between classes.) Some of you always had back-ups on hand, like a box of Clif bars, just in case you couldn’t sit down for a meal.

#4- You used a smartwatch to figure out how many steps you took. Many of you were amazed at how many steps you take on a normal day of in-person learning! 

#5- You encouraged the class to take 2-minute stretching breaks using the space beside their desk or in their seats. And you did some stretches yourself!

#6- You established boundaries for when people could reach you. For some teachers, that was turning off email notifications after leaving school. Other teachers disconnected email from their smartphones so they only saw them when they were logged in. For others, it was scheduling specific hours for checking email and phone messages. 

#7- You practiced gratitude and created the environment that you wanted to be in. Many of you leaned on each other during the ups and downs of 2020. You encouraged each other and your students to stay positive. 

#8- You got your family members, friends, and fellow teachers involved in a “health pact”. You found other teachers to walk on the school track together. You joined a gym with a friend. You took a water challenge with your family members.

Here’s to a happy and safe school year! 

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