It’s almost that time of year again, when all the Halloween candy rolls in and so do your worries about keeping your family healthy. We wanted to get the real scoop on having a happy and healthy Halloween! Is it even possible? We sought out Angela Wilkinson, President of TNT, and check out what she shared with us!



That’s right, we are actually encouraging procrastination! What we mean by this is, by that candy you’re passing out as last minute as possible. Less temptation for you and less temptation for your family!


Don’t go Trick-or-Treating hungry.

You’re probably familiar with the rule, don’t go grocery shopping hungry. We’re applying the same to Trick-or-Treating. Make sure to feed the family a healthy dinner before you head out to collect all that candy.


Portion control.

You can eat candy. We repeat, you can eat candy. Just make sure you’re being smart about the portions that are being consumed by you and your family. Did you know that just three fun sized Snickers bars equals 480 calories?! Sometimes those small candies don’t seem to add up, but they do. So, stay mindful of your portions, decide ahead of time what you will treat yourself with amount wise and stick to it!


Candy isn’t necessarily required!

We all know from our Trick-or-Treating days, the second word gets out that you’re the house passing out nuts or apples that your house gets the “bad rep.” A great tip from Sue, one of our Nutritional Health Educators, was instead of candy, pass out fun things that kids will love like: stickers, dress up items, funny costume glasses, glow sticks, single serve packets of low-fat microwave popcorn, animal crackers or cereal bars.


Walk with the kids.

Get those steps in! Instead of driving around the neighborhood, get active and walk with the kids from house to house.


Make day after donations.

Still have candy that was meant to be passed out left over? Have you sorted through the candy with your kids for them to only keep what they really want? A great idea is to bring candy to nursing homes, the Salvation Army, ask your dentist if they will trade candy for something fun or even bring it to us and we will ship off the approved candy to the troops!


We know staying healthy during the Halloween season can be a trick, but follow these guidelines and you’ll be able to keep Halloween happy and healthy!


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