A company with a cause…because nourishment knows no borders!

Saving Lives & Feeding Children Internationally Through The HOPE PROJECT INTERNATIONAL.

When you support our business, you help feed food insecure and severely impoverished children worldwide.

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At TNT, nutrition is not just related to our business, it is our business. We have been leaders right here at home in helping feed our local community and as we look into the future we have challenged ourselves to do more.  

In 2020 we launched an ambitious goal to be a company for a cause that in addition to the local charity work we participate in we have also now built an additional kitchen in the region of Matagalpa, Nicaragua that will feed over 1,200 children a month and provide 15,166 meals per month!
We want to leave our community and our world less hungry and sustainable for future generations. Investing in a more nourished future worldwide gives us purpose beyond just being dietitians and health educators.
TNT is a company with a cause because nourishment knows no borders and no child should go to bed hungry. Thank you for your support in this new rewarding global initiative. 

How We Got Started

Our founder, Angela Wilkinson has been traveling internationally for years on mission trips with a passion to nourish and feed food insecure children. In addtion to all the local volunteer work TNT does, we knew we could do more. When The Hope Project was in need of a kitchen in Nicaragua, we knew we had to step up and fund this project.

Being able to impact the lives of vulnerable children and their families who live in some of the world’s most impoverished conditions through our nourishment programs is one of the most rewarding experiences of our careers. We couldn’t do it without your support. 

A Family In Need

“One of the hardest parts was keeping our emotions in check; these people don’t want pity, even though conditions aren’t optimal, – Rick Belden.

The TNT team learned one family had just been robbed and also had no roof. The father asked the TNT team to pray for the means to have a roof over their head to provide protection and safety.

“It was an incredible moment- having all 3 owners of the company there at once- hearing this request – we all looked at one another and without having to even discuss we once again knew what we were being called to do – provide this family a roof!”Angela Wilkinson.

THEIR Mission

Our mission is to meet the nourishment, spiritual and physical needs of impoverished people, with the purpose of sharing Hope.

THE HOPE Project

Is a humanitarian international nonprofit that started in 2007 to assist those who live in extreme poverty. 

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