Veganism is wildly popular these days and vegan food options are becoming more and more common, but for good reasons! Not only does veganism reduce the chance of heart disease and certain cancers, it also reduces chemical intake and helps the planet. If you’re considering going vegan, here are some easy swaps to help you begin your journey. 

Some of our favorites:

  • Swap out honey for agave syrup 
  • Swap scrambled eggs for scrambled tofu (the texture is very similar and if seasoned right, yes, tofu is delicious!)
  • Swap mayo for hummus 
  • Swap ground beef for lentils (plenty of protein and the texture is similar!) 
  • When baking, swap butter for bananas (however, this may reduce cooking time.) You can swap eggs for chia seeds in baking as well!
  • Swap heavy cream for coconut cream 
  • Portobellos mushrooms can make great vegan “burger” patties
  • Pulled pork can be switched out for jackfruit due to the texture similarity as well! 

There are also plenty of dairy alternatives, such as oat milk, almond milk, coconut milk yogurt, vegan cheese brands, and more! For more information on dairy free milk, check out our previous blog post for comparisons. Which kind of non-dairy milk is the best? – Total Nutrition Technology

Some might worry about the cost of going vegan, but there are plenty of budget-friendly options to help you get started! Here are a couple staples that won’t break the bank; oats and rice, frozen fruits and veggies, beans, nuts and seeds, oils (coconut, olive, sesame,) popcorn and pretzels, and plenty of types of jams and spreads. Being vegan doesn’t have to be expensive! 


Going vegan helps fight deforestation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as well as providing the body with the nutrients it needs in a much more organic way. Unsure about going vegan? Making these simple swaps can help you get an idea of what veganism consists of.