Good health starts with smart choices at the grocery store. Grocery stores are filled with all products that may sound “healthy” but it can be hard to know for sure. Here are some great ways to make sure you are shopping healthy and  smart for your groceries:

1. Make a list

By doing this you are able to go in knowing what you are looking for. Going in without a list can be stressful and you usually end up with unhealthy food items or spending more money than you planned.

2. Shopping while hungry can be dangerous

It’s not physically dangerous, but it can be dangerous to your healthy eating mission! You are more likely to end up buying more and sometimes that means buying unhealthy options.

3. Shop the perimeters

You can fit every food group into your shopping cart if you shop the outskirts of the store. The more you shop the aisles, the more often you will end up with boxed, packaged food items that are loaded with processed foods and are packed with preservatives. Before you check out, a rule of thumb we love, look and ask yourself, “Do I have mostly boxed items?” If the answer is “yes,” reevaluate. No one said you have to totally eliminate all boxed aisle items, but you can challenge yourself to shop more on the outside of the aisles and less on the inside.

4. If you can’t pronounce it, try limiting eating it

Look at the items in your cart, most of the boxed items have a lot of ingredients listed, look over that list and if you can’t pronounce the ingredients listed, shop it in moderation.

5. Look high and low for the most nutritious items

Most of the healthier and least expensive items are not at eye level. Big brands also pay more to be stocked at customer’s eye level so they are bought more frequently. Searching can ensure high quality and healthiness.

6. Eat the rainbow

Fruits and vegetables come in an array of colors, they all offer a different variety of antioxidants and nutrients. Challenge yourself to shop and try out new fruits and vegetables, this well encourage you to try new things and add balance and variety to your diet. Don’t be afraid to grab something that you have no idea how to cook, Google or Pinterest can be your best friend when you’re looking for fun new recipes!

7. While buying more produce is a great thing, make sure they are good quality

Try minimizing pesticide and antibiotic exposure, doing this only make the foods you are eating healthy and natural.

8. Try ordering online

If shopping isn’t your thing or you have a hard time sticking to a list, try ordering online. This way, you can just swing by the drive thru to pick up your fresh groceries. No, we don’t want you to miss out on those aisle steps, but if it makes the process easier and help you keep to the agenda, then why not?! You save yourself some shopping healthy time, stay true to your end goal and give yourself some extra time to walk in the park!

These are just a few ways to reassure that you’re shopping trip is successfully healthy. If you feel like you’re still struggling with your health and fitness goals, contact us today for a complimentary health assessment.


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