Do you really know what type of training responds best to your body? How about your ideal nutritional balance or nutrition goals?

Stop the guessing!

TNT is excited to introduce GeneBlueprint, specializing in personalized fitness and nutrition genetic prediction scores to help you achieve your goals.

GeneBlueprint – How Does It Work?

The science and research behind genetic testing, related to lifestyle and wellness markers, has progressed to the point of understanding the specific genes that dictate how the human body processes carbohydrates, fat, protein, micro-nutrients, & more. Results also include how specific genes determine the effectiveness of certain fitness activities.

The process is easy. A simple saliva sample detects 10 million genetic variants using state-of-the-art technology. These variants are utilized to compute your genetic prediction scores for unique traits.

What Will You Learn?

With GeneBlueprint, you will learn which types of training and nutrition work best for your body. 

Your Fitness “Blueprint”

This determines whether you respond better to Resistance Training vs. Cardio Training and which style is optimal. For instance:

Type of Resistance Training – Strength Exercises vs. Power Exercises                  

Method of Cardio Training – HIIT vs. Steady State

Your Nutrition “Blueprint”

You will discover your Ideal Macronutrient Ratios for

  • Carbs
  • Fat
  • Protein

As well as your Accurate Calorie Rates for

  • Daily Amounts
  • Specific Goal

Through this testing process, you’ll also learn the following about yourself:


  • Strength
  • Power
  • Endurance
  • HIIT Response
  • Joint Health
  • Bone Health
  • Adaptation to Altitude
  • Morningness


  • Carbohydrate Tolerance
  • Fat Tolerance
  • Lactose Sensitivity
  • Alcohol Sensitivity
  • Caffeine Sensitivity


  • B Vitamins Response
  • Vitamin D Response
  • Omega-3 Response

How To Get Started

Based on your genetic prediction scores, TNT will create your personalized fitness and nutrition plans that align with your goals and lifestyle. Our clients succeed because we are with them every step of the way, ensuring focus is maintained and results are achieved.

Together we’ll find your “blueprint” for fitness and nutritional success!

Contact:  Angela Gallo-Wilkinson

Phone:  704-549-9550


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