Here are some Easy Food Swaps for your health:

1. Need crunch with your lunch? Swap out those high salt, high fat potato chips for petite-cut carrots or celery sticks!

2. Love fruit, but already hit your exchanges for the day? Swap out that extra apple for fresh and crisp sliced jicama!

3. Making cookies this year? Alter the recipe a bit and swap out the oil or fat for unsweetened applesauce. You’ll be amazed at how delicious this is!

4. Cutting back on cholesterol? Replace the egg in your pancake recipe with baking soda and vinegar! You’ll love the fluffy, buttermilk texture without the added fat. Here are some other ways to go egg-less if needed.

5. Out to dinner and craving an app? Rather than choosing the wings and bleu cheese, go for a shrimp cocktail with cocktail sauce!

6. Boost your salad by swapping out half of your iceberg or romaine lettuce for spinach or other dark green. You’ll still enjoy the crunch, but get a boost of antioxidants! Learn why antioxidants are so important.

7. Enjoying your hummus in the mid-afternoon? Keep it! But swap out those pita chips for red pepper slices! Our team has some more great snack ideas here.

8. Swap out that fancy sugary mocha frap for a homemade latte. Use almond milk for extra calcium and a slightly sweeter taste without the added calories of sugary flavor pumps. Try this homemade PSL.

9. Dinner starches can be tricky. Lean more towards your starchy veggies (that are packed with fiber, potassium and other micronutrients) by swapping out the rice or pasta for a baked potato or spaghetti squash. Learn more about why potassium could be your key to lowering blood pressure.


These healthy and easy food swaps are surely going to make you drool.