With the beginning of the school year upon us, don’t let the thought of packing a lunch that is healthy for your kids stress you out. Getting kids to eat healthy is sometimes tricky, try these tips to make feeding them healthy school lunches a little easier!

1.Healthy, yet easy options

Instead of packing high-sugar, high-carb peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, mix it up with a low-sodium turkey wrap. Instead of packing a lunchable from the grocery store that can be packed with sugar, make a create-your-own-salad lunchable.

2. Get kids involved

When your kids become involved with the lunch-prepping process, they’ll be more interested in eating what they have helped create. When you visit the grocery store with them, let them help you pick out the produce that will go into their lunches.

3. Dip it!

It is sometimes harder to get kids to eat the amount of vegetables they should, try adding a new tip as an option for their Healthy school lunch. Hummus, salsa and yogurt based dressings are great dipping options.

4. Introduce new foods slowly

Kids are weary by nature of trying new foods, introducing new healthy slowly into their lunches will help ease them into trying new things. If they don’t initially like them, try introducing that same food in a different way.

5. Allow treats

Having less healthy foods occasionally can keep them from becoming forbidden and thus even more appealing to your kids. Treat your kids every once in awhile. If you’re really lucky, hopefully, they won’t want them as often!

6. Get creative!

The more creative the meal is, the more fun your kids will have eating it! Anything you can make with a smiley face on it, make mini or make into a fun shape, kids love and it will be easier to assure they will continue eating their healthy lunches.

7. Cut back on the junk at home

You can’t control that your kids may trade their homemade granola bar with a friend’s brownie, but you can control what they are consuming while at home. Make sure even though you can’t 100% control what they eat at school, you can 100% reassure that they will continue to eat healthy at home.

Now that you’ve got these tips, you’re ready to take on the next school year with lots of healthy lunches!

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