Running outdoors is great but it may not always be an option. The treadmill is a good alternative but frankly, it can get pretty tedious. I know that I’m not the only one who feels like they’ve been going for 30 minutes only to look up and find out that it’s been a mere 6! So if you’re not up for running in the rain or braving the heat, here are some ideas to help keep you sane on the treadmill.


  1. MUSIC – This seems to be the “go to” for many people. I know that my earbuds have saved me on many occasions from the odd sounds coming from other runners, as well as the monotony. I enjoy making playlists but it can also be nice just letting Pandora, Spotify, etc. surprise you with a jam that you haven’t heard in awhile.
  2. SWITCH IT UP – I like splitting up the run. Maybe run 1 mile, do some squats and pushups and then run another mile. You can also keep yourself occupied by changing the speed and incline during your run. has some great ideas, the 30 minute treadmill workout is one of my favorite.
  3. MINDLESS TV – Getting sucked into a simple show seems to really help the time go faster for me. We all have those guilty pleasures, i.e. reality tv or silly talk shows, that can help you get through it and there’s no shame in that! There’s also the seemingly  endless Netflix or Hulu shows that you can catch up on as well.
  4. READING – I don’t know about you but there is not a lot of quiet time for reading around my house with a little one running around. Of course, an intense run can make it a little harder to focus but I find it helps to increase the print size on my Kindle to make it easier. Even flipping through a magazine or catalog can be good as well.
  5. MAKE IT SOCIAL – Bring a friend along to chat the time away. We all know the saying “Fitness loves company”, or at least that’s how you should propose the idea to your friend. Before you know it, your run is over and you’ve caught up on the latest gossip.


Who knows? Maybe you’ll start enjoying the treadmill (laughable thought, I know). The solution could be as simple as being thankful for being close to a bathroom or a bit more complicated by having to use every trick in the book. The important thing is getting that cardio and staying healthy, whatever it takes to help you through it!

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