5 Reasons Why TNT Promotes Healthy Lifestyle Changes Over Diets:

Everywhere you turn it’s like there is some new diet or health fad to try. All over the internet you see claims of “5 fat burning foods” or “do this one thing every morning when you wake up to lose 20 pounds.” Don’t you think that if there really is some big secret, or some magic pill that we would all know about it by now? There is a reason why the diet industry brings in more than 70 billion dollars a year, because people keep having to come back! If all of these self-proclaimed diets actually provide life long results, the diet industry wouldn’t make near as much money. Here are five reasons why TNT promotes working toward healthy lifestyle changes over dieting:

  1. Diets are only temporary

One big problem with diets is that they are not meant to last long term, so once the diet is over and we go back to eating the way we were before the diet, we gain most of the weight back, if not more. Conversely, when we commit to living an overall healthy lifestyle, this is a long term commitment and something that can be sustained. TNT can help provide the education and accountability needed to make healthy lifestyle changes that will persist throughout your lifetime!

  1. Diets can lower your metabolism 

One thing diets have in common is that they encourage restricting calories. While a decrease in calories can lead to weight loss, restricting calories too much can actually cause your metabolism to slow down. When you restrict calories too low, the body adapts to function at that low energy level, so when the diet is over and the calorie restriction stops, any excess energy is stored as fat. This is a big reason why many people gain weight so quickly after stopping a diet.

More on metabolism: Your resting metabolic rate is the number of calories that your body burns at rest, meaning if you were to just lay in bed all day and do nothing but breathe, this would be the amount of calories you would need just to keep your body functioning properly. When you restrict calories to a number that is below our resting metabolic rate, the functions in our bodies cannot be maintained properly so the body adapts and our metabolism lowers. At TNT we offer metabolism testing to take out the guesswork and to ensure that our clients are being properly nourished in their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Diets do not consider the individual

Nutrition is NOT one size fits all. Everybody is different, which means that everyone’s needs are different. While one person may try a certain diet and lose 30 pounds, another person on the same diet may gain 5 pounds. There are so many factors that play into what a person needs including, genetics, metabolism, environment, personal preferences, culture, medical history, and more. Working toward a healthy lifestyle means taking all of the above factors into consideration. TNT does just that by creating a customized plan using an individualized approach.

  1. Diets can be detrimental to your health

Constantly obsessing over food and weight most certainly has a negative impact on mental health, and can even lead to eating disorders in some cases. Yo-yo dieting is shown to increase the risk of heart disease, and have long-lasting negative impacts on metabolism. Low calorie dieting is also shown to increase cortisol levels, and increased levels of cortisol (a stress hormone) can lead to weight gain. Living a healthy lifestyle means working on all aspects of health. At TNT, we work with clients on nutrition, exercise, managing stress, sleep habits and more. 

  1. It shouldn’t be all about losing weight

Just to reiterate: there is SO much more to health than just losing weight. Dieting solely focuses on weight loss and doesn’t necessarily take into consideration things like heart health, chronic diseases, energy levels, physical activity, and so much more. When you are eating to support a healthy lifestyle it as about making choices about food because they nourish the mind, body and spirit. If you have been unable to reach your goals with dieting, working with TNT can help you to repair your relationship with food and start viewing food as nourishment rather than punishment.

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