10 Alternative Sources of Animal Protein. Due to COVID-19 there have been meat shortages in grocery stores throughout the United States. While most people only associate protein with animal sources. Here are ten alternatives that can easily be found already in your pantry or at your local grocery store. 

Tofu: Tofu is an excellent source of a plant-based protein. It is filling, easy to store and cook. You can substitute it for any source of meat that you would typically use in your favorite recipes. Just make sure to follow directions on how to cook the tofu, as it would be different from a piece of raw meat.

Lentils: Another great source of meatless protein. Lentils have a limitless possibility on what they can be transformed into. They can be used in soups, mixed in salads or topped on a rice dish.

Jackfruit: Jackfruit is not only a great source of protein, but is also full of vitamins A and C. Not only will you be getting in some protein, but as well help in supporting your immune system. 

Mushrooms: Mushrooms are great substitute for ground beef. Taco night can be saved when there is no ground beef or turkey to be found in stores. Simply just chop mushrooms into small ground beef like pieces. Season with your go to taco seasoning, cook accordingly, and finish them off with your favorite toppings.

Quinoa: Quinoa with 8 grams per cup, is great as a side or when adding into bowls or salads. You can dress it up or dress it down depending on your palate. Not only is it a source of protein but is rich in amino acids.

Walnuts: Walnuts are more famously known for their source of healthy fat but are also chalk full of protein. Walnuts are perfect to add to trail mix, yogurt, or add crunch to salad.

Chia Seeds: These tiny black seeds are tiny but mighty. Not only are they a source of protein, but also a source omega-3 fatty acids. Chia seeds are great when adding to smoothies, jams or yogurt to sneak in some extra nutrients. 

Garbanzo Beans: Garbanzo beans or more commonly known as chickpeas are another great source of meatless protein. You can roast them, eat them as is, top a salad, or make homemade hummus. The possibilities are endless with this affordable and delicious meat alternative.

Edamame: These small green beans are packed full of protein. You can find them in the frozen vegetable isle of your nearest grocery store. Once cooked according to the package, add a little sea salt on top and you’re good to go. You can eat them straight out of the shell as is, top on salads or rice dishes, etc. 

These ten meat alternatives are great ways to make sure that you are still getting in enough protein. These alternatives are easily found at local markets, and all very affordable. Don’t let a meat shortage stop you from meeting your health and wellness goals!

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